Chasing sunsets

Krugersdorp sunset

Collect memories, not things.

We travel to see the sunset and to see the sunrise. We travel to see and experience new things and to meet people from all ends of the world. We travel to expand our worldview and in a way, to find ourselves in snowy mountains, in the blue of the ocean and in crowds of strangers.

I read so many travel blogs of people who left everything behind to pursue traveling and I think that if more people in the world had the opportunity to hop on a flight tomorrow, the world would be a better place.

I wish I could travel more. I wish I could go overseas and experience the newness of it all. I have been all over South Africa and I love this country to death. I’ve also traveled solo to Cape Town, just a young girl from a small town near the Kalahari alone in a big city but it made me feel truly free, truly human.

I realized with a shock that Johannesburg is not Cape Town but it is a city with green hills, lots of rain and many hidden gems that I have yet to discover. Jozi has many names. The name ‘Egoli’ is a Zulu word for ‘place of gold’ and ‘Mzansi’, another popular name for Johannesburg, is Xhosa slang for ‘The South’. This place’s many names reflect the diversity of Johannesburg.

City of Johannesburg

I’m on a mission to find hidden ginbars, do typical tourist things and help you to fall in love with Jozi whether you are from the city, a South African looking for a weekend getaway or an international tourist experiencing the magic of South Africa for the first time.

Heres to long flights, fun road trips and discovering yourself. May your travels be full of white beaches, sundowners and new friends.

Roodepoort sunset


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